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Your window to the Mediterranean

Modern shapes and colors meet Mediterranean classics and awaken deep and noble feelings. Handmade. Fairtrade. Unique.


Our mosaic tables - beauty through simplicity

Designed with love. Handmade in Marrakech. Our mosaic tables "Nerja" are the beating heart of Zellij. As side tables, they are versatile and a real eye-catcher in every room. Modern patterns meet classic structures and practicality: Easily dismount the table top through a simple plug-in system, while the table legs are foldable.

Beauty through simplicity where we understand that less truly is more. In a complicated world we bring relaxation and ease back into our own four walls with our furniture. Learn more now.

Bringing the Mediterranean into your home

Zellij is your window to the Mediterranean. Handmade. Fairtrade. Unique. Instead of mass-produced goods, we offer high-quality individual pieces and authenticity. All our products are 100% produced in the Mediterranean.

The regions of the Mediterranean are characterised by their warm climate, deep-rooted diverse culture and their very warm, hospitable inhabitants. With our brand we build a bridge - from the rest of the world to the Mediterranean and back again. Our goal: to bring you a modern take on Mediterranean lifestyle that will effortlessly suit your home’s aesthetic.

Become a partner!

Our products are not only available online, but locally in some cities as well. And we are constantly growing! Are you interested in including our products in your shop, your café or establishment? We are always happy to collaborate!