Our Philosophy

We are Steffen & Mehdi, the founders of Zellij. As an internationally ambitious furniture brand based in Barcelona, we are inspired by the influences of the Mediterranean. Whether in Spain, Portugal, France or Morocco - we are always on the lookout for new shapes, colours and patterns – for effortless beauty and convenient simplicity.

Zellij is your window to the Mediterranean. Mediterranean playfulness and warmth meet clear lines and simple structures. Handmade. Fair-trade. Unique. A base that stands for the exchange of different cultures, people and materials like no other. Immediately our products reflect the carefree attitude of Mediterranean lifestyle - together with its many different colours, influences and cultures.

As committed Europeans and World Citizens, fair production and working conditions are very important to us. With our products we support small, local artisans in the Mediterranean region to bring the Mediterranean lifestyle into the homes of our customers. We currently produce 100% in the Mediterranean.

Do you have questions or suggestions? Drop us a line! We speak English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish and Catalan.


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